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My name is Steve Adelsman, and I am the owner of AdelsmanTours LLC. I created this page to support you in deciding if Adventures in Japan offers the type of tour you would enjoy and find well worth the expense. After reading this page, please feel free to email or call me if you have further questions or matters you would like to discuss.

I first began offering tours to Japan in 2003, under the name AdelsmanTours. In 2011 I decided it was time to make some changes, one of which was the decision to adopt a more explicit name, so AdelsmanTours LLC is now doing business as (DBA) Adventures in Japan. Over the years we have developed values and a philosophy that seek to give the most authentic travel experience to everyone who takes our tours.

AdelsmanTours is my company and my passion. I think you will find most other companies offer tours to multiple locations determined by their market research, and they hire professional escorts to lead these tours. While these professionals are often good at what they do, they tend to treat the whole process as a “job.” I started this company because I deeply respect, admire, and enjoy Japan and the Japanese people and culture, and I derive great pleasure from sharing my enjoyment with others.

Our tour groups to Japan are intentionally limited in size. There are several reasons for this. It allows us to travel easily on the subways and trains rather than in a motor coach; to enjoy small restaurants; to visit crowded places (and there are many of those in Japan!) without risk of separation; and overall, to have a much more intimate experience of Japanese culture. Also, it enables me to pay more attention to personal needs and wishes, and the group members do not feel as if they are “part of a herd.”

Over the years my wife and I have developed friendships with many Japanese people, and we seek to include them in every way possible. So if you join one of our tours there is a good chance you will meet and interact with some of them over meals, or as we sightsee.

Sushi in Japan
Fushimi Inari Shrine

Finally, here is a bit about me personally. I first became involved with the tour business in 1990, when I began escorting tours for Jerry Prouty (my wife’s cousin), former owner of Prouty Tours and Cruises of Bismarck, ND. While I do not consider myself to have traveled extensively, I have visited 19 countries/sovereign states.

Regarding my knowledge of Japan and Japanese culture: My wife and I have had three Japanese people live with us for a total of five years. We refer to one of them, Yukie Kaneko, as our “Japanese daughter,” and she has often assisted us with our tours. Miyuki Inoue, who also lived with us, gives invaluable assistance when we are in Japan. Over the years I have studied the Japanese language informally and in the university setting.

I have taken thousands digital pictures on our trips to Japan (many of the photos on our web site are from my personal collection). We have numerous friends and contacts in Japan; some of them will join us at various points along the tour route. Our oldest son lived and worked in Japan for one and a half years. Japanese people who have lived in the Tokyo area all their lives have told me I know Tokyo better than they do. And finally, I believe JNTO (Japan National Tourist Organization) chose to endorse me because they see me, and the tours I offer, as worthy of their endorsement.

– Steve Adelsman, Owner, AdelsmanTours, LLC

Fushimi Inari Shrine

Tour Reviews

“Thanks so much for the photos. It is fun to remember the great time our entire family had.”

“We would like to visit Japan again. You and Marta did a wonderful job of introducing us to the Japanese culture. Our first visit was far too short.”

“I had the pleasure of participating in the Fall Colors Tour and the service Steve provides is what sets Adelsman Tours apart. After extensive research, Adelsman Tours was the only fully escorted tour I could find. This frees you from worrying about nitty-gritty logistics or worrying about how to make the best use of your time. You can sit back and savor an amazing journey. Additionally, the relatively small size of the tour group enables each visitor to feel as if he or she is receiving their own personal tour, a far cry from the standard motorcoach service. Steve, along with his Japanese friends, expose you to this magnificent country and beautiful culture in a way that most visitors never experience.”

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*Please note: we offer Land-only tours; you are responsible for getting to and from Japan. Also, please note some tours may begin in Osaka and end in Tokyo. Please call Steve if you have questions about this. Steve (or one of his associates) will meet you as you emerge from Customs at the Airport on the Tour Commencement Date. Flights from North America always depart a day earlier, since you “lose a day” crossing the International Date Line. If you are considering arriving at or departing from Haneda Airport (HND), or have other plans for arriving in Japan, please discuss this with Steve as early as possible. Some flights into Haneda arrive at very inconvenient times (which is probably one reason they are sometimes cheaper). Please read our Terms & Conditions before committing to any tour.